Portable Apps

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I think everybody have flash disk now. Flash disk has been making our life be better. You can carry your data, photo and everything that you want in your flash disk. Now, you can even put some applications in flash disk. Maybe you’ll ask me, for what?

I ensure that you have favorite applications but if you use your friend computer maybe you can find your favorite application is installed there. So, if you have your favorite application in your flash disk, you just plug onto your friend’s computer and open the application.

For example, you can use Firefox for browsing and Thunderbird for email. Beside it, all Firefox settings will bring within it. Thunderbird will bring all its data too. So, you can read your email everywhere because it brings its inbox in your flash disk. They’re very useful, aren’t they?

Unfortunately, you can’t copy your installed applications into your flash disk directly. They made it with different format. It calls Portable apps. You can find it with google, just type “Portable app” or “USB app” and then you’ll get so many websites which provide the portable applications for you. My favorite place to find portable application is Portable Apps.com. They provides a menu system to open and organize “installed” portable application” and it’s very easy to use.

To install a portable application, just download your portable application package on that website, click Options – Install a New application where located in menu and then pointing to folder where your package is downloaded. To open an application just click its icon on menu and your portable application is ready to use.